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I design beautiful homes, trendy offices, fabulous salons, unique cafés you fall in love with.

The apartments designed by me are full of love and joy, fashion and elegance. All the acquaintances, friends, business-partners and customers fall in love with them as soon as they step in.

Our home is the place where we can be at peace with the world. The theory of feng shui states that supportive energies enter through the front door, so the hall should be charming and tidy. I like when there’s a big space for the family in the living-dining room-kitchen area. I believe that the heart and center of the home is the family’s dining table, where we can discuss anything. (The second-best place for deep conversations is the bathroom.) Furthermore, our own room, cosy corner, private sphere is the foundation of our well-balanced state of mind.

In office space, every square inch should in harmony with the corporate identity. Moreover, I pay attention to the customer and employee experience, the effective communication of corporate values. By designing the office, I reinforce the company’s brand by creating a superb, practical and comfortable workspace reflecting professional values to clients and colleagues.

I feel comfortable working with all styles from minimalist through mid-century to country, and am happy to combine them according to individual tastes. The starting points are my clients, their demands, taste and lifestyle. By inspiring each other, we create the beautiful, practical, harmonious home filled with high energy of kindness and love.

I think in structure and arrangement. I create balance in spaces by playing with weights, rhythm, sizes, placement, colors, shapes, furnitures, lighting, finishes and accessories. I create a focus point in every room. I tend to consistently use the same motifs, patterns, colours in the whole interior. I like lot of colors, and combinations of them, and personally prefer the softer tones. I love bold, even crazy ideas and brave solutions.

My life is design. I was born into sophisticated creativity. Tailoring and sewing with my mother defined my childhood. I could not wait until we went to fabric shops. My Russian grandmother taught me to knit. I would bury myself in Burda magazines, fantasize about dresses, draw sketches of new creations, make clothing collections for my Barbies – long story short, I wanted to become a designer. We would rearrange and redecorate our flat with my mother, do wall panelling, hang wallpaper, sew curtains and pillows.

…And then a very long, winding path led up to 2012. Since then I’ve been a professional interior designer.

After high school, I started in the direction of arts, I wanted to become a film critic, but I soon became disenchanted. Through my mother’s example, I faced the fact, that for a single woman it was very hard to get along with an art degree. So I decided to switch tracks. I improved myself in maths, and I got admitted to the University of Economics in Budapest – following my father’s footsteps. I remember how I learned to paint walls in the Rajk László College – after we got the room arrangements, everybody repainted their dorm room.

After getting my degree, I worked as brand marketing manager at tobacco and pharmaceutical industry for four years. You may think that this field is very far from my current job, but it is not true. On one hand I manage my own brand every day. On the other hand my marketing experience is essential in commercial and office projects.

I was fascinated by interior design at that time. When I met my husband in 2004, I told him I wanted to become a designer. But these had been only dreams for years, and nothing happened, for I had a successful job with good salary.

It’s our task, as adults, to recollect what we wanted to be in our early years. You can see the true reason why a child came into this world, what his or her true nature is. We too often tend to forget that, due to expectations of society or parents. With the best intentions someone could have suggested us another path or life simply took us in another direction.

Even now I am learning how much I should rely on my intuitions, I let my inner voice have a bigger say in my decisions. I took the first steps while being pregnant with my eldest son, Balint, in 2005. I signed up to a course. This was followed by many more courses and workshops, in Hungary or in the UK, and in the school of New York Institute of Art + Design. I founded my own brand, Lenoushka, in 2012: I started to manufacture home textile collections as, and from there, I went towards classic interior design.

From my heart, passion, and natural delicacy comes what I do day after day. They say that I develop and progress quickly. Many people accompany me on this path. Friends, loves, kids, aiders, spiritual teachers, professional mentors, colleagues, associates - they all support me, which I can say thanks for. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am.


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